SINA deeply knows that service is the real extension of products and attitude determines everything. Therefore, SINO has a professional team to ensure the quality of after-sales service. Our services include: technical support services before sales, follow-up services and training during the sales and warranty service after sales.



Laboratory maintenance service generally includes air conditioning system maintenance, water supply & drainage system maintenance, decoration system maintenance, laboratory bench, etc. Specific maintenance service plans are customized according to different types of laboratory projects in different industries.

Routine maintenance of laboratory bench:

1、It is not suitable to keep the bench in the environment with temperature over 135℃ for a long time;

2、Do not use sharp hard objects to carve the bench top;

3、The objects on the bench shall be placed correctly. The gas lamp and alcohol lamp producing flame shall be placed on the tripod to prevent the flame from damaging the bench top;

4、Regularly use acetone or mild detergent to clean the bench with warm water. For stubborn stains, use chloric acid to clean them;

5、Open windows and ventilate regularly to ensure air circulation so as to prevent harmful gases in the laboratory from corroding the laboratory furniture;

Training service: Provide training on the operation of the overall laboratory system and provide standardized operation and emergency training on laboratory safety.

After-sales service: SINO firmly believes that after-sales service is the embodiment of corporate conscience. The company implements '2-6-3 Worry-free Service Plan', that is, '2-hour response, 6-hour arrival, 3-year free warranty'. We build customer service files and the customer service personnel will regularly provide follow-up services.

Maintenance: At the end of the warranty period, it is recommended to extend the maintenance service agreement. Professional personnel will provide regular on-site services so as to ensure that the laboratory is in the best condition for a long time and solve the problems of the laboratory personnel!