Laboratory decoration is the main project of laboratory construction. To build a safe, comfortable, efficient and energy-saving laboratory is the goal of laboratory decoration. Laboratory decoration shall be carried out by professional laboratory decoration team in accordance with the laboratory decoration standard, together with the laboratory type. In the process of laboratory decoration, from the main body to ventilation, electricity, gas and wastewater disposal, the laboratory construction process shall meet the requirements of design, laboratory accreditation and customer. SINO, having rich experience in the laboratory decoration, has conducted decoration work for more than 1000 high quality laboratories in different fields.


Construction of laboratory water/electricity

Construction of environmental protection system 

Construction of gas supply system

Construction of HVAC system

Construction of water supply & drainage system

Construction of cleaning system

Installation laboratory furniture

Construction of intelligent system


Service Process

Project Kickoff → Site Survey → Joint Review of Drawings → Site Construction → Acceptance → Settlement → Warranty / After-sales Service

Relevant Standards

General Principles for Clinical Laboratory Design (GB/T20469-2006)

Technical Code for Biosafety Laboratory Building (GB/T50346-2004)

General Requirements for Biosafety in Laboratory (GB/T19489-2004)

Clean Workshop Design Code (GB / T50073-2001)

Fire Protection Code for Building Design (GBJ16-87) (2001 Edition)

Construction and Acceptance Code of Clean Room (GJ71-1990)

Building Ground Design Code (GB50037-96)

Building Water Supply and Drainage Design Code (GBJ15-88)

Construction and Acceptance Code of Ventilation and Air conditioning Engineering (GB50243-97)

Construction Quality Acceptance Code of Ventilation and Air conditioning Engineering (GB50243-2002)

Design Code of HVAC (GBJ19-2003)

Design and Acceptance Code of Industrial Pipeline Engineering (GBJ235-82)

LV Distribution Design Code (GB50054-95)

LV Distribution System Design Code (GB50052-95)

Design and Acceptance Code of Grounding Device for Electrical Equipment installation engineering (GB50169-92)